About Me

Greetings All! My name is Melissa and I am so excited to begin blogging about my journeys of balancing my career, family, house, friends, it goes on! As Moms we are essentially “jugglers,” faced with the daily act of balancing our lives and hoping to exceed in every facet.

Originally born in New York, I moved to New Jersey at the age of 9 with my parents and older brother. After high school I attended Rutgers University where I majored in Finance and minored in Psychology and Women’s Studies. It was through an internship as a rising senior with a top global investment bank that I began my career in Finance. Throughout the course of eight years I moved around the organization, working in different business units-Clearing, Trading and Commission Management. Approximately four years ago I moved firms to my current employer- a financial technology company. Within the last three years I became a homeowner, got engaged, married, became a stepmother to a teenage boy and a tween girl and had a baby boy! Life is definitely far from dull.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and tips that have worked well and even not so well for my life and hearing your feedback.