DIY: My bathroom mirror and vanity redo

I recently painted my master bathroom mirror and matching vanity to give it a distressed look. It only took me about 2.5 hours and cost around $30. I’m so happy I went for it because it gives the bathroom a lighter, brighter and larger feel!


2 inch paint brush

Chalk paint (color, brand of your choice-no primer needed)

Wax paint for sealing chalk paint 

Sand paper and/or steel wool for distressing

Tape to avoid getting paint on wall/tiles 



Remove hardware from vanity, tape around tiles/wall to avoid getting paint on them. No primer required. 


I applied 3 coats in total, giving each area time to dry before applying additional coats. The chalk paint gave thick, full coverage- which was great given I was using a cream color on top of dark espresso wood. The chalk paint dried quickly, which made for a fast result. Painting probably took me 1.5 hours. 

The next day when I was certain the paint was fully dried (FYI- you cannot use the bathroom for 7 days after starting to paint so moisture doesn’t ruin your work) I went over the mirror and vanity with my sand paper square and steel wool. I love the shabby chic/distressed look of cream color furniture so I “beat up” both pieces until I was happy with the result. Sanding the wood allows for the paint to come off- both the cream color I had just used as well as the prior espresso color. I went for even distressed marks throughout. Distressing took me around 45 minutes or less. Lastly, I sealed the pieces with a thick coat of chalk wax. This protects the piece from moisture getting in- since this is in my bathroom. This took about 15 minutes. Once the top coat dried I removed the tape and put back the hardware. 

The bathroom looks larger and the light color flows better with my master bedroom. I’m so happy with the result and can’t wait for my next DIY! 

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