Dining Room Decorating

Decorating my dining room was not only a lot of fun, but also challenging as it is the largest room in the house.  Prior to finalizing the purchase of our home I started shopping online and looking for furniture. I knew I wanted something that would last us forever so I ended up deciding on American Drew designed by Jessica McClintock. Who knew Jessica designed dresses and furniture?! Since the bottom half of the walls have moldings I knew I wanted to paint the top part a color that would stand out-which made my decision of choosing a lighter set easy. From the furniture line we purchased the dining room table with two leaves (fits up to 12 people) and the matching  buffet. The decision to buy the buffet and not the china closet was initially easy since my then boyfriend and I weren’t engaged- I had not yet imagined a future with wedding china in it! Now that we have beautiful wedding china I wish I could display it-but overall I like the look of the buffet much better.

In terms of other items in the room, we hung a 100+ year old mirror that belonged to my husband’s Grandmother, above the buffet. Across from the buffet we purchased a picture painted of the hills in Tuscany, Italy from a local lighting décor shop. Landscapes have become a theme in our home-mostly of places we visited and remind of us of the good times we had. While on our honeymoon in Italy we purchased a wine cart and a small matching table (in Sorrento) which are placed under one of the windows in the room. On the opposite end of the room I chose to place a small tufted couch under the main window that faces the front of the house. Since our entryway is small the couch allows our guests to sit and take their shoes on and off. Although the couch wasn’t originally intended to be placed where it is, it accidently fit perfectly and completed the room.

Choosing drapes was difficult to say the least. Since I wanted the room to look elegant, I initially thought I needed to go through a company that specializes in drapery. After hearing the harsh reality that it would cost $10K+ for custom drapes, sheers and hardware (yes, for only 1 room!), I said “See ya later!” I bought the hardware and sheers at Bed Bath and Beyond (of course using 20% off coupons!) and found drapes that matched beautifully at Pottery Barn. I am so happy with the end result and that I saved a ton of money! I found very similar fabric at JoAnn’s that I am using as a runner on my dining room table- which will complete the look.

With all the larger furniture and drapes in place it was time to put on the finishing touches and accessorize. I added large planters with flowers, smaller vases with flowers, candle holders, pictures from our wedding to the walls, a large area rug under the table and a wreath on a stand in the corner. We hung a chandelier we already had in order to save money. I spruced up the chandelier by ordering extra crystals to hang from it, spray painting the cylinder covers gold and adding shades around each light bulb. Finally I swapped the plain Jane white outlet covers for fancier bronze ones which I found affordably online.

Posted is a picture of the final product which we love!

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  1. Nora

    It looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Nami

    I love this room! No idea you spayed the chandelier I need some tips!

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