Deciding to wait until delivery to know my baby’s gender!

Finding out my husband and I were expecting was the biggest surprise of all. I will never forget seeing the results of the at-home pregnancy test; first one clear line, then a very, very faint second line! Of course as long as the baby was healthy we would be happy with either a boy or girl. Before I was pregnant we both agreed that although you are surprised either if you choose to find out the gender in the doctor’s office or when the baby is born-we thought it would be the ultimate surprise to wait until delivery. I am a planner so friends were surprised I wanted to wait. We kept everything very neutral and calming in the nursery. It was fit for a boy or a girl. If we had a girl I planned on hanging a crystal chandelier in place of the ceiling fan. We also left the bedding until the baby was born-girl I would accent with pale pink and a boy a slate blue. Otherwise everything I received at my baby shower and purchased ourselves was neutral-grays, whites and yellows.

During each and every appointment before the Doctor had a chance to say “Hello” I would insert and say, “we don’t know the gender so please don’t tell us!” Since I had a high risk pregnancy I had to say this often to the 6 Doctors in total bi-weekly! One of the high risk doctors even told me a story where he accidently slipped-so I was even more unsettled about someone slipping. I told the receptionist, the nurses-everyone that we didn’t know the gender.

Although we didn’t want to know the gender in advance of the birth I took every online quiz or old wives tale test I read about. It was a lot of fun. The results were pretty much split between boy and girl. I thought it was funny when people asked me the baby’s gender and I told them I didn’t know, most responded with, “you’re having a..” Each time someone said that to me they said it with such conviction that they knew. It was comical to me to hear about how they thought I was carrying, etc.

Picking a name! The harder part about not knowing is that you not only need a first and middle name picked out, we needed two! We were 100% certain on the boys first and middle name. We still made a list, but our number one choice had been a named I’ve loved for many years, ended up being the winner. We were all over the place with girl names. We were set on one name for a majority of the pregnancy until one day my husband out of the blue suggested another name, with the same initial. I loved it-but had not yet ruled out all the others. I think a name is really important so we wanted to give it a lot of thought. We thought about how it would sound as a baby, as an adult, on the baseball field, in school, in an office, etc. The neat part is as soon as the baby was born, when we finally knew it was a boy, we simultaneously said his first and middle name.

When I was 38 weeks pregnant I had my last high risk appointment. Of course I went through my normal, “I don’t know the gender” spiel. The sonographer this time said she would refer to the baby as “baby” to keep it neutral. Things were going great- I had what ended up being almost 3 weeks left of my pregnancy, when the Doctor left the room I looked at the screen (only because I didn’t think I would see this) and saw GENDER: FEMALE. My heart started racing, I was about to cry, yet smile-I was a mess. I left the appointment shortly thereafter and discussed with my husband what I had seen but not said. He asked me to keep it a secret, but his guess that we were having a boy was still the same. I kept this to myself—the hardest thing to do. I was upset that for someone who tried to not find something out, was at 38, with only 2 weeks remaining- failed!

When I went home, reviewed the items in my hospital bag and held up the boy and girl coming home outfits, I thought to myself “well now I know which one we will need.” It did dawn on me that GENDER: FEMALE on the screen could be for me, but I was in an OBGYN office and men do not carry babies, but the machines are gender neutral. I was all over the place with my thoughts-but genuinely thought it was a girl. For the next 2 weeks while I was alone I would practice calling out the girl name that was currently number one on our list. Before week 38, I did the same thing for our boy name.

The day of my induction I was extremely excited to meet our baby. I wasn’t too nervous, although I had heard many stories of painful deliveries, I tried to keep at ease. I woke up, showered, dressed, hung out with my Mom, waited for my husband to come home to sing Happy Birthday and off we were! One of the most exciting days of my life. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 PM and by 8:40 PM I was induced. Fast forward to 5:07 PM the next day, upon the baby’s delivery, I was in total, total shock. Besides the fact that I had just delivered a 7.11 lb baby, I was a mom for the first time, I had a BOY-proving the GENDER:FEMALE was describing me on the monitor at 38 weeks. My husband asked if that is what I thought and I told him so many people convinced me I was having a boy, but I actually saw girl, so I am not more surprised then ever!

We were so blessed with a healthy, happy, beautiful baby BOY-as well as a funny story nearing the end of my pregnancy 🙂




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