Dressing your baby for less!

As a first time Mom you quickly learn just how fast your baby will grow and how few times he will be able to wear his clothes! Since I wasn’t aware of my baby’s gender before he was born I picked up a few packs of neutral pants, onesies and stretchy pajamas in size newborn. What a mistake- he was born at 7 lbs, 11 ounces and quickly outgrew them. Next time I would opt for 0-3 months right off the bat. I’ve found a lot of reasonably priced items at Target, Carter’s, Walmart and Marshalls. 

Each month as he gets older I know his clothes will only last him a short time, if I’m lucky 3 months, so I always first check the sale rack if I’m shopping in the store. Buy buy baby takes 20% off coupons which help, but I find their clothes to be expensive. If I want to splurge on a Nike or Underarmor outfit I’ll usually go there, but use a coupon! I really went overboard for the holidays- but I felt it was warranted since it was his first. I bought him a few outfits at Janie and Jack which were quite expensive-$50 for a vest for example, but totally worth it for the quality and pictures!  Often I receive 40-50% off coupons for the gap and extra incentives to shop at the gap.com. I really like the how the gap’s clothing wear, wash and fit. The baby gap outlets also carry a lot of good items. Carter’s is not my favorite to be honest. I like their girl’s selection and some of their boy’s basics-cotton pants and pajamas are good deals. I like Target’s baby section- but it is hit or miss depending on your baby’s “style.” Walmart is very cheap and for the money you cannot beat it! $4 for shirts, pants, $5 pajamas! (I also love their wipes!) I didn’t love the Gymboree or The Children’s place because of the prints, but again if something is cheap enough on sale, why not?! I always look for coupons online or in circulars as I don’t like to pay full price, especially for something he will probably wear a few times. Macy’s has a lot of good items as well- their own brand when on sale is very cheap! Macy’s always has a ton of coupons you can use which dramatically brings down the price. My favorite brand overall has been Ralph Lauren Polo. I either buy those items at Macy’s or Marshalls and never pay full price. They wash, wear, fit and look great on! Lastly, Zara and H&M baby are stylish and inexpensive, especially when on the sale racks- picked up a shirt for under $1 and a sweater for $4!! 

For shoes I’ve ordered on amazon, bought from Carter’s, Target, and Marshalls-mostly for under $10. I splurged on a nice pair of leather slip-ons that he wears a lot that were $16 on Amazon. He has also received a lot of expensive shoes and sneakers from family and friends, but it’s been such a waste as he wore them only a few times each. If the shoes don’t stay on well, he kicks them off! 

Don’t be afraid to accept gently used clothing from your family and friend’s kids! When they are worn so infrequently and in good condition, why not?!

Happy Shopping! 

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