Meeting my baby

In the early evening of a Wednesday in late June as I held that last push my baby was delivered into this world. Aside from feeling pretty tired from pushing for two hours, I was relieved to have welcomed a healthy, beautiful, baby boy into this world. Almost 41 weeks of keeping my baby safe inside, I was beyond excited, so happy and instantly fell in love with this brand new little person my husband and I created.

I remember when the baby first came out and we learned he was a boy I was in total shock. (We didn’t know the gender and the last two weeks I thought the baby was a girl, so I was REALLY shocked.) When we first set our eyes on the baby he was purple. I couldn’t say much since I was in shock that I had just delivered a baby and I was his Mom. My husband started asking if everything was alright and the staff quickly responded, “Yes.” They placed him on me briefly then took him, cleaned him off while my husband was taking pictures of him. They brought him back over to me pretty fast after checking his vitals, height and weight, blood sugar, and we did skin-to-skin. I asked when I should feed him and they said I could try immediately, so I did. 41 weeks of dreaming about this moment and it was here. He immediately latched on and started feeding. I did use the consultation of a lactation nurse who helped me with positions that would be most comfortable for me to hold the baby. (P.S. against her advice I never woke the baby to feed him, if he was sleeping I let him sleep.) I stayed in the labor and delivery room for about 2 hours. Within 45  minutes or so my husband went into the waiting room to tell our parents and my brother we had a baby boy. They came into the room to meet the baby. I remember tearing up as they came in because I was so happy and so proud for them to meet my son. Everyone took turns holding the baby and taking pictures. Shortly after I was helped to the bathroom where I stood up for the first time and was told to walk like Frankenstein. I felt pretty OK and was excited to get to my next room where I could shower and would be staying for two nights.

When my baby was born I was definitely in a state of shock to say the least. Even while I was pushing I wasn’t able to truly imagine what my baby would be or look like and how it would feel to finally hold him in my arms. I’d held dozens of babies before, but none is like holding your own–especially your own for that very first time. Knowing you have done everything in your power to have a successful and healthy pregnancy, taking every precaution, attending countless classes preparing for him, going to the Doctor so often to track his progress, eating healthy, taking prenatal vitamins, checking blood sugar 4X a day, washing his new clothes, preparing his room, planning for maternity leave and care after returning to work, setting up his 529 plan, thinking about all the classes you would enroll him in to give him the best life to your ability, and so much more! When I they initially placed my baby on me before cleaning him up I started to cry because I was so happy-I had everything I had ever wanted, a supportive husband by my side and a healthy baby-also my hormones were all over the place as they are during and shortly after pregnancy.

June 22 was in short one of the most amazing days of my life. I had a wonderful experience which I will cherish forever. I look forward to sharing this story with my son when he gets older.


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