Move over puppy, there’s a new baby in town! 

Poor, poor Maxy poo! Four years ago our morkie was the center of my world-my baby. He went for long walks, sat on my lap as I worked from home, snuggled on the couch and in bed. He often went to the groomer and was given bones and treats galore. He was the baby in the family to say the least!

Fast forward- when I learned I was pregnant I could tell Max was acting different towards me. I spoke to my OB-GYN and he confirmed what I was thinking; dogs know you’re pregnant very early on. Within a month or two Max went from being a little aggressive towards me to protective- laying on or near my belly, always by my side, even moreso then ever before.

After speaking with Max’s Vet I learned some helpful tips that would help him adjust to having a new baby in the house. Although she suggested getting another dog to keep him company, that was totally out of the picture! A new puppy and a new baby, I would have to be insane. If Max needed any company I would have my Mom bring her dog over to our house. We gave one of the baby’s blankets from the hospital (since it had his scent) to my Mom so she could let Max sleep with it until we came home with the baby. When we came home we had my Mom stay outside with the baby while my husband and I greeted Max inside the house alone for about 5-10 minutes. After greeting Max alone, we brought the baby into the house and let Max approach and sniff around the car seat. We try to give Max love and attention as we did before we brought home the baby. I have to say the baby loves Max and visa versa. The baby watches Max, giggles at him and puts his hands out to touch him. If the baby is crying Max is the first one to get one of our attention and run back to the baby and sit and wait by his crib/swing. They really are adorable together!

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