Favorite Mommy and Baby products

When I like how a product works I’ll stick with it. I often talk to my mommy friends about which baby and mommy products worked best for them, read reviews, blogs and check them out myself and pull the trigger on a purchase! This post is dedicated to a list of the products that I have come to love for myself and my baby. I hope if you try them you will find them to be just as useful as I have! 

While I was pregnant:

-Bio Oil: for belly and thighs as a good preventative measure. Oily as illuded in the name, but I loved it! 

-Mederma for stretch marks: for belly as another good preventative measure. I liked the texture, smell wasn’t bad. 

-Mama Mio Boob Tube: when I was pregnant my chest grew much faster than my belly so I needed something  that would keep/increase the elasticity. 

Preggy Pops: these were a lifesaver for the nausea I experienced in trimesters 1 and half of 2. They were tasty and helped me get through the day. They saved me at work especially, where I was able to be discreet and pop a candy into my mouth, without vommiting all over the desk! 

Epsom salts: for soaking an achy pregnant body-I did plenty of this the last 2 weeks especially. 

Sketchers: walking shoes with the pressure points were my BFF at the very end! 

Maternity clothes: I spent quite a lot of money on maternity clothes as I needed both causal and work appropriate fall, winter and a few summer items. Ultimately I thought H & M’s maternity section offered the best value. They weren’t the best quality but I liked how their dresses, t-shirts and leggings fit. I wasn’t thrilled with Motherhood Maternity (although I made some purchases) and Pea in the Pod was expensive (I made purchases for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and work-more formal occasions). In the end I wore my husband’s t-shirts and boxers around the house- they were the most comfortable!

Pre, during and after pregnancy: 

Organix: Shampoo and conditioner 

Dove: body wash 

Shiseido: Serum, moisturizer and eye cream 

Neutrogena: gentle facial foaming cleanser

Clearisol spot treatment: for blemishes (not to be used while pregnant!) 

California baby: lotion (no smell, smooth, not oily)

Aquafor: Any rash! 

Aveeno nighttime for eczema: for any dry patches. I used this one night for my son and his skin was back to normal!

Arbonne ABC: bathtime wash 

Wipes: Walmart brand baby wipes or water wipes (also the cheapest I have found) 

Diapers- Luvs and target brand (also cheapest I have found at approx 13 cents a diaper, others I found to be 17 cents+

Dreft: detergent (I started using this for my own clothes it smells so amazing)

Favorite baby things:

Rock and play: Overnight sleeper until age 4-5 months (or until they outgrow). We used this in lieu of a bassinet, which was right next to our bed. We used this to bring to family’s houses and overnight trips with the baby. It was one of the best items we purchased!

Mesh teether: insert frozen fruit for teething, keeps the baby occupied for a bit! 

Attached walker to activity table

Pee pee tepee -Cup to cover baby boy’s private area while changing his diaper 

Scout- talking dog you can program with his/her name, input favorite food, color. It is adorable- plays games, teaches colors, animals and plays music as well.

Car seat canopy – good to block sun, wind, rain, snow. Ordered this on their site and only had to pay for shipping. 

Baby shusher- the “shhhhh” sound must put my son at ease because it helps him fall asleep.

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