Packing your bag for the hospital! 

Below is a list of items I recommend packing in your overnight bag in preparation for your hospital stay when you have your baby! If you’re like me you will still overpack–but really take my advice and try not to as the hospital provides you with so much. In the end you’ll be sorry you didn’t have extra room to bring home as many diapers and wipes as you can! Baby products can add up! 

Use a suitcase on wheels for you and a duffle bag for your significant other, this way you can place the bag on top of the suitcase and wheel it into the car and hospital. 

Also, I suggest asking your hospital for a peanut ball to use during labor. You place the large peanut pall in between your legs and turn from side to side about every 30-60 minutes. The peanut ball is meant to open your pelvis and help you dilate faster. It really worked for me!! 

Items to pack in your hospital bag:



-nursing shirt/bras

-big ‘ol granny panties 

-comfy socks/slippers 

-maternity outfit to go home in (I still had a 3-4 month belly)

-shampoo/conditioner, body wash, face wash, contacts, contact solution, eye glasses, moisturizers

-headband, hair ties, hairbrush 

-pillow for you and boppy for baby

-flip flops (I delivered in June)

-makeup to freshen up for any newborn and mommy pictures 

-camera or phone with camera on it 

-baby’s going home outfit, baby blanket for car, car seat, anything wanted in newborn pics 

-extra bag for cleaning out the diaper and wipe bin daily while in the hospital

-insurance information, cord banking information, email addresses to add baby to insurance and send note to co-workers 

-use phone app or notebook to take notes- for example: baby’s feeding times 

The hospital will provide you with ice packs, thick sanitary pads, hemrooid wipes and ointment, pain medicine for post delivery, diapers, wipes, ointment for circumcision, formula/bottles/pump if needed. 

Do yourself a favor and throw out your birth plan. It never goes “as planned.” I brought mine and when I was finally home and  unpacking it gave me a good laugh. Definitely discuss with your nurses and doctor in advance if you want to breastfeed and do skin-to-skin as soon as the baby is cleaned up. I was able to breastfeed immediately- and he latched on! (Good boy!) 

Be sure to remove all jewelry if you have time and think of it. By the end my wedding rings didn’t fit anyway, so no problem there for most of us. 

I packed white Gatorade and snacks and never ended up touching them at all. The hospital food was actually better than expected and when visitors came I had a fruit basket to share with them that the CEO of the hospital sent us. 

Lastly, try and keep yourself groomed leading up to your due date. Not that you will altogether care if your legs aren’t shaven, it just made me feel a little better to have hairless legs and a manicure! 

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