The active life of an 8 month old 

Since my son started crawling I feel like time is flying by even faster, if that is possible! As he sits on the floor with a number of toys surrounding him, it is incredible to watch. Like a fellow Mom once said, “it is an unbelievable privilege to watch a child grow, discover and learn,” and I couldn’t agree more. At just 8 months, he appears to be “playing” with his toys. His toys include Scout, the personalized talking dog, other singing animals, toys that shake and play music, small lap piano, stackable rings, sensory balls, plastic shapes, sports balls, flash cards, books and more. He is quite fond of his walker, although he seems to be outgrowing his bouncer, jumper and swing. He’s a boy on the move! I try to keep a routine for him since children typically do well with having stability. My son usually sleeps through the night in his crib which is in his own room. He started sleeping in his crib at around 2 months old-hope I didn’t just jinx that! He wakes up around 6 AM. He usually wakes up and is sitting up or moving around his crib. I’ll go in (usually to his smiling face-best part of my day), get him, feed him, eventually giving him to my Husband or Mom so I can finish getting ready for work.

He’ll have breakfast and will want to play for a bit. Within 2-3 hours he’ll have a bottle or nurse if I’m home and will take a nap for a bit. If he’s on me or in the car he will typically sleep for longer than in his crib, swing or bouncer. He’s usually up for most of the day from here, napping again anytime between 4-6 PM for an hour or two. When he’s not with me my parents and in-laws claim he doesn’t nap! 

During the week I usually arrange for my son to attend a music class (once weekly, we started this at 6 months), trip to the library for story and play time, little gym class (re-enrolled him since he is crawling he will get more out of it), walks when it is nice outside, to the park swings or walks around the mall. While at home I will play classical music, (good for brain development), give him time to play with toys geared toward tuning in on fine motor skills which are age appropriate, singing ABCs, counting, reciting nursery rhymes (or playing them on you tube), reading books and holding up flash cards with shapes, colors, letters and numbers! 

Between play, activities, eating and napping, he has himself a full day- not to mention dinner and bedtime routine of bath, baby massage, PJs, story time and last feeding!

Any suggestions from the other Moms reading this blog? Would love to hear them! 

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