You are your child’s #1 advocate! 

Like the NYC subways have taught us, “if you see something, say something.” When it comes to my child I have no reservations about speaking up. My son is my responsibility and if I don’t speak up on his behalf, who will?! 

Many of us may leave a situation wishing we would have spoken up on our own behalf. When it comes to my child I will speak up here and now. The idea behind this post came out of a conversation with some friends who were really unhappy with different situations regarding their children and wish they would have spoken up. When your cousin is feeding your baby and shoves way too much food in her mouth, or your neighbor sticks his hand into her mouth to check if she is teething..eww! “Be careful my kid doesn’t choke and get your dirty hands out of her mouth ASAP!” Better yet, when a great aunt thinks they know what’s best for your baby..”she isn’t getting enough milk through breast feeding, she’s tiny!” In reality, according to the doctor your baby’s weight is on track. How about when Great Grandma wants to bulk up little Johnny, adding rice cereal to his milk without your knowledge?! Or when your Mom can’t wait to let him try ice cream at 5 months against your wishes?! The list goes on and on and on and on and on!

My advice is to handle the situation right then and there, on the spot. It’s not being confrontational. If someone can so freely share their opinion or do something you’re not happy with concerning your child, speak up! Your baby cannot- it is your responsibly, now is not the time to be shy, Mom and Dad. Delivery is important, but ultimately knowing you told your neighbor to get their hands out of your babies mouth because you know their germs can get her sick is your responsibility! 


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