Be present, put down the electronics! 

In our current world it’s not unlikely for a family to have several different electronics. Between smart phones, tablets, televisions, gaming devices- there are plenty of technologocial ways to keep us occupied at all times. Often times for the sake of efficiency we email clients and colleagues and text family and friends. 

I’m calling attention to what is very well becoming an issue for our future generation. I’m proposing for the utilization of technology in moderation. Why not walk over to a colleague’s desk or set up an in person meeting with a client? Why not kick it old school by calling a friend rather than sending a text message? Why not turn off the television, remove all electronics from the dinner table, sit, eat, TALK?!

 One of my favorite memories growing up was having a home cooked meal with my family every night. As a working mom, with a house to clean, laundry to do, mouths to feed, etc., let’s take a minute (or 30) to sit down, electronic-free, eat, talk and enjoy one another. With limited time to enjoy my family during the week I’m focused on the quality, not quantity.

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