Investing in ourselves and our relationships

Yes, we are allowed to take time for ourselves! We are the ones who carried the baby, birthed the baby, feed the baby, (mostly?!) wake up with baby, etc. in addition to so many other responsibilities; cooking, cleaning, working, laundry, carpool, food shopping, the list goes on! With everything we are balancing time for ourselves, time with our significant others and time with friends is much needed. How much time we can allocate is another story, lol. Seriously though as a working Mom I can’t wait to get home to my family. Since I also like time for myself and with my husband I’m making it a point to continue to invest in those relationships as well. 

Taking time for myself comes in many forms. While recently on a business trip (while my baby was taken care at home by my husband and our Moms) I sat in the hotel steam room, sauna and jacuzzi for an hour before a client dinner. This was easy to do since I was hours away from home and didn’t have to look after my baby boy. While at home during the weekdays, after the baby goes to sleep, my husband and I will take some time to ourselves for an hour or two before going to bed. This may mean I’m staying up later than usual, but it’s worth it to keep the ‘alone’ time going. It’s also important to us to trust in our parents/family friends and go out for dinner or a drink for a few hours here and there in the evenings. Initially we may talk mostly about the baby, but it’s so much fun to get out and enjoy each other. 

Making time for your baby, your husband, your family are all wonderful, but I also need time for myself. Time for myself not just on the commute to and from work. Time for myself maybe getting a mani/pedi for an hour. Time for myself going to the gym for an hour. Time for myself getting a massage or a haircut for an hour. Better yet- time for myself with the girls where I’m soon going to spend an overnight stay in New York City doing whatever we feel like!! Planning well in advance gives me the freedom to take a night to ourselves and really enjoy. We may spend a lot of time swapping Mom stories, but we’ll talk about a lot of other topics as well. I love my friends and I’m invested in continuing strong friendships. 

From all of this I think we can teach our kids to love themselves and the importance of taking care of yourself. In addition, investing in and maintains good relationships! 

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