COO of your life

Although I haven’t quite made it to a “C” level position at my firm, I am the COO-Chief Operating Officer of my life. Think about it- you are responsible for the daily operation of your life too-spouse, kids, career, house, money, the list goes on! As the COO (or co-COO with my husband) I keep daily notes on my phone of what has to get done, who has to be where, what has to be paid, etc. I not only keep lists on my phone, I use a dry erase pad in my laundry room to remind us of what is happening week by week and input important dates on the calendar in my phone.

My husband smiles as I tell him we have to spend time managing our life- scheduling our day hour by hour- making sure child care is set, clothes are taken out, breakfast and lunch are made for everyone, bus pass is bought for commuting to work, dinner prep, and that’s just the tip of the daily grind. What time will be home, do we have work events, dare we even try to go to the gym. Once we get into the office we are managing our career, our managers, direct reports, clients, etc. Mortgage, bills come due, we are ensuring that automatic payments are set-up. The house needs to be cleaned- do I save money and clean it ourselves or use a cleaning service? This is one I’ve recently thought a lot about and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can get someone to clean for us, just less often, cleaning ourselves in between to save money. After having my son (who I leave each day to go into the office) when I’m home I would rather be making memories and spending time with my family.

As the COO of my life waking up earlier than I did before, planning ahead of time, writing things down, delegating and tracking what is complete has kept me sane and on top of what’s needs getting done.

For each of us there are countless tasks that just have to get done. My advice- make a list, manage each task by priority, delegate what you can and see them through!

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