Surviving the first night away from baby

My son was just shy of 3 months when my husband and I spent our first night without him. We were technically away from him for a total of 19 hours, but who is counting! We arranged to have my in-laws watch our son so we could celebrate our anniversary and stay overnight at our wedding venue. When my in-laws arrived at 4 PM we were packed and ready to go. (During this time I was still on maternity leave) The baby was fussing a bit when my Father in law picked him up, starting humming in hear to soothe him! It was wonderful. I went over a few things with my mother-in-law regarding his feeding times and the time he usually falls asleep. I wasn’t worried about the baby as I knew he was in good hands. Our baby loves to eat so I told her if all else fails there was plenty of pumped milk in the fridge for him. 
Off we went! Now around 4:30 I felt like a teenage girl going on a date for the first time- so excited! My husband and I joked as we got into the car and said “No what?!” We were excited to celebrate our anniversary. We checked in, went up to our room where beautiful flowers, cards and champagne were waiting for me. We put our stuff down, had some champagne and headed to the hotel bar. We had a few cocktails which got me tipsy, reminisced about our wedding, talking about “at this time we were at our ceremony, etc.” Before long it was time for dinner. We went up change, I had to pump and we were on our way. We dined at this fantastic little seafood restaurant. The waiter brought us a cake with a large sparkler on it. We checked in a couple times with my in-laws, but knew he was in good hands. When we returned to the hotel I pumped again. When we were about to go to bed I said to my husband, “Ok, let’s go home now!” He told me the baby was already sleeping, which made me realize he was not only right but we deserved this time together. I cried for about 3 minutes-just because! I cried because this was the first night I wasn’t seeing the baby nearby. This was the first night I wasn’t putting the baby to bed. I was a little sad, but honestly I was OK pretty quickly. 
The next morning we woke up bright and early by habit. I pumped, we got ready and headed down for breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed my cappuccino and eggs Benedict. We made a couple stops to look for a new shed on the way, but before you knew it our 19 hours were over. We greeted the baby with lots of hugs and kisses and it was like we left! 
I’m happy we had such a good night. My husband was really supportive and I loved our time together. I also loved coming home to my beautiful smiling baby boy!! It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. It went by quickly so I’m glad we enjoyed it. 

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