Heading back to work after maternity leave

Four months have quickly passed and so much has happened-you not only birthed a baby, you are a Mother, and soon to be a working mother! Here starts yet another balancing act of adding work into the mix of being a wife, mother, homeowner, friend, daughter, sister, decorator, cook, you name it!

My decision to go back to work was based on two factors- I love what I do and I need a paycheck. Although staying home was never something I considered to be an option, I think if I were extremely wealthy I would volunteer more of my time and even work/consult on a part time basis. I knew I would love my baby, but once he was born and I looked into his eyes I was overcome with so much love that I knew I would do anything in my power to give him the best life possible. For me, part of being able to provide for our son includes me working. Providing for him and for his future currently include him attending music class, gym glass, swimming lessons, contributing to his 529 plan, saving for vacations where we can create family memories, etc. I enjoy getting dressed up for work, attending meetings where my perspective is valued and working on projects that provide clients with solutions and ultimately increase profitability. I feel the more well rounded I can become allows me to provide my son with the best version of myself. Part of that person is working in the financial industry.

A major factor for returning to work was based on our support system. We are fortunate enough to have amazing parents who help as well as the ability to work from home. When I leave for work of course I miss my son, but I am not worried about who is taking care of him- the silver lining! I returned to work on a Monday morning (something I said I would never do) and really enjoyed that first week. I left early most days the first week to allow myself to ease into the transition of working mom, I enjoyed catching up with co-workers and clients and sharing stories about my little bundle of joy. It was hard leaving that first morning, but my day was sweetened by a picture from my husband of our son with a caption, “have a great first day back, Mommy.” I worked out a pumping schedule to support his feeding needs and was feeling good. Just like that week 2 rolls around and it set in- this was my new normal, I am a working mom and I will not be able to spend every weekday at home with my son. Honestly the second week was the hardest for me, but it helped me a lot to talk to other working mothers who shared similar feelings.

I’m now back for 3.5 months and I’m starting to find the right balance for my family. For us this is planning ahead, waking up early, writing to-do lists, leaving early some days, working from home when I can, enjoying the evenings and weekends so much more than ever before.


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