Making the most of your commute

As a working mom living in the suburbs, I spent two hours on average commuting to and from my office. Since having my son it’s not always easy leaving him in the morning and in the evening I find myself rushing to get home to see him. Once I leave my house I’m not worried about his well being as I know he is in good hands with my husband, my Mom or in-laws. I say it all the time- we are very blessed with parents who can help us with the baby. 
How I spend my time commuting has been similar throughout the years-despite where I am in my life. With my current commute of about an hour each day, I try to make the most of it. I usually do not spend my morning commute sleeping- although I would if I was severely tired and didn’t sleep the night before. When I first get into the bus I’m generally logging into my bank accounts, checking my credit card statements, confirming automatic payments were completed and scanning personal emails. Next I’ll check in with my husband who is usually getting ready for work himself. We’ll text about our schedules later in the evening- whether he has an after work obligation, basketball practice for the team he couches and what he should take out for dinner. Next I catch up on social media-Facebook and Instagram. I will go through my notepad on my iPhone, reviewing any to-dos for the day (for example: call and schedule Dr. Appt, order wipes online, submit contact rebate form). With twenty minutes remaining I review my calendar for work (again- as I reviewed it the night before as well incase I need to wear a suit for a client meeting) to mentally prepare myself for the work day ahead. Lastly with about 5-7 minutes left of my commute I apply my makeup for the day and eat a banana or a granola bar. 
Most often I bring a book with me. My husband just bought me “The Magnolia Story” for Valentine’s Day- so I’ll have that with me until it’s finished. 
On my commute home I may take a business call or make a personal call if the bus is not crowded and no one is sitting next to me. I’ll text my husband and Mom letting them know I’m on my way home. I’ll usually text with my friends-both stay at home

Moms and my mommy friends commuting home from work. Now I plan to blog on my way home. My commute generally is “my time” to catch-up on the management of my life and now my blog. Some people mind the commute-I don’t as I make the most of it. In similar words to Meghan Trainer— it’s all about that balance!!! 

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