Working out after baby 

Having a high risk pregnancy pretty much kept me out of the gym until I was cleared 6 weeks after giving birth. I tried to walk for at least 30 minutes daily while I was pregnant to maintain some form of physical activity. (It also helped me from feeling so full if I walked, especially after eating) After I gave birth to my son I continued to eat well for the most part (with the additional desserts our guests brought who were visiting baby for the first time) but wasn’t getting into the gym like I had planned. Fortunately I was still able to shed all the baby weight, but could definitely use the the gym to help me tone back up.

I was excited to get back to my gym where I enjoyed working out weekly with a personal trainer and taking spin classes pre-pregnancy. Post pregnancy I still wanted to go to the gym, but had so much on my mind such as: organizing child care so I could leave for an hour+, planning around the baby’s schedule, pumping/feeding, not wanting to leave the baby while I was only home for 4 months on maternity leave. Luckily my son has been a good sleeper so energy wasn’t too much of an issue- although I wasn’t 100% yet. Not to mention now that my son is 8 months I finally feel closest to my “old self” physically. So many feelings physically, emotionally and logistically to conquer just in order to get to the gym post baby! 

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the gym much while I was on maternity leave. However, this didn’t stop me from small workouts around the house, bike riding here and there or going for long walks in the park or around the neighborhood with my baby in the stroller. 

No longer on maternity leave I face a new dilemma– work all day and in addition to things around the house that need tending to, I don’t want to run back out to go to the gym and leave my precious little one who I haven’t seen all day. All I want to do is cuddle him, hear his laugh, feed him dinner, have bath time and personally put him to bed. What to do?? 

8 months since my son was born and as I said I feel most like myself. I’m definitely missing the gym and want to get back into a weekly routine. It feels a lot like incorporating my pre and post baby worlds (this isn’t the only thing I’ve had to incorporate back into my life in a new way). 

My plan for getting back into the gym is committing to 2 days a week, ultimately getting to 3, going during times when I would least miss out on quality baby time and utilizing the gym’s reputable day care facility as needed. Of course as the weather gets warmer I’ll be spending more time outdoors. One exercise I loved was taking my baby for a hike while in the ergobaby carrier strapped to my body!

Personally working out allows me to feel good, keep healthy and is part of the best of me, which is who I want to show to my son. 


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